VBT 01132024 Virtual Basic EMDR Training


This is an EMDR International Association Approved Virtual Basic EMDR Training.  This Training represents a radical departure from 2-weekend/6-day training models with an innovative design that is 10- days long, scheduled on six weekends, spread over 12 weeks to avoid information overload (Total of 80 hours). 

  • It is designed to lead the participants in a sequential and orderly learning experience, step-by-step mirroring real-life therapy.
  • EMDR International Association mandated 10 hours of Consultation is built into the Training.
  • A small group format limited to TEN participants provides for intensive discussions and didactic interactions with the Trainer/Instructor.
  • Implementing EMDR Therapy in Dyads in Concurrent Independent Practice outside the training (about 40 Hours) during the 12 weeks further consolidates skills & competencies. 
  • All 10 Days of the Training will be held on weekends, virtually LIVE through ZOOM from 9 am to 6 pm MOUNTAIN TIME”

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