Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is this training different from traditional trainings offered in the USA?

  • This Virtual Basic EMDR Training represents a radical departure from the 2-Weekend/6-Day trainings. This is a 10-Day long training with an innovative design that is clinically intensive and methodologically rigorous.  This training is approved by the EMDR International Association.

 Does this training include Part-1 and Part-2 trainings offered by other trainers such as from EMDR Institute and EMDR-HAP?

  • This training is a 10-Day long training that integrates both Part-1 and Part-2 trainings offered by the other EMDRIA Approved Trainings including EMDR Institute and EMDR-HAP

 Does this training include 10 hours of Consultation required to complete the Basic Training?

  • Yes, this training includes 10 hours of consultation required to complete the Basic Training.

 What is Concurrent Independent Practice? Is it a part of the training and is it mandatory?

  • Participants are required to meet in Dyads in between the training days for 4 hours/week during the last 10 weeks of the training, requiring a total of 40 direct contact hours.  During these practice sessions, participants will implement EMDR Therapy protocols and procedures that were discussed, demonstrated, and practiced during the training.  The concurrent independent practice is designed to consolidate the clinical skills and competencies. This is an integral part of the training and is mandatory.

 After the completion of the 10-Day long training, will I become Certified?

  • After the completion of the 10-Day long training in full, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion”. After the Basic Training, you can work toward EMDRIA Certification by seeking 10 hours of Individual Consultation and 10 hours of Group Consultation from an EMDRIA Approved Consultant such as me.

Do you offer a Payment Plan?

  • YES! You can make payments in 4 equal installments.  To avail of this payment plan, choose payment by CHECK at the checkout and send 4 post-dated checks (Dated one month apart) by mail to: Chandra Nagireddy, 6314 Confederate Ridge Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80923.  If you have questions, please contact Dr. Chandra at 719-761-4444

If I am currently a Graduate Student in an accredited Mental Health Program, am I eligible to take this training?

          YES, If you ONLY meet these eligibility criteria:

  • You are NOT eligible if you are in your FIRST YEAR of the Graduate Program
  • You must have completed the Core Course Requirements of your Graduate Program
  • You must be in an Internship Program or eligible to register for the Internship Program as per your Graduate Program requirements OR
  • You have already completed your Internship Course in your Graduate Program
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