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     Greetings & Welcome to the EMDR International Association 


Virtual Basic EMDR Training


                                               Starts on April 27th, Continues on April 28, May 4; June 1, 2, 8, 9; July 13, 14, & Ends on July 20th 2024

About this Training

  • The Virtual Basic EMDR Training is Approved by the EMDR International Association (www.emdria.org) and represents a departure from the traditional two-weekend training models with an innovative format.
  • It is designed to lead the participants in a sequential and orderly learning experience emphasizing conceptual clarity, procedural details, and skill development through a combination of lectures, discussions, and video vignettes drawn from actual EMDR therapy sessions culminating in supervised practice.
  • Effective learning is facilitated by pacing the training across 10 days on six weekends, spanning 12 weeks to avoid information overload (Total of 90 hours)
  • Mandated Ten hours of Consultation is built into the Training
  • Small group format limited to TEN participants provides for intensive discussions and didactic interactions with the instructor
  • Participants will meet with each other in DYADS for four hours a week, during the 10 weeks of training implementing EMDR Therapy protocols & procedures with ongoing support (Total of additional 40 hours)
  • Implementing EMDR Therapy in DYADS in concurrent practice during the course of training further consolidates skills & competencies

             Here is the link to a detailed description of the Virtual Basic EMDR Training: https://emdrtrainingacademy.com/about-us/

       Here is the link to a short video about me: https://share.starchive.io/NzU0ZGI3MTYtZmJlZi00NmYzLWFjZmUtNWU0NzJmMWUzYTIxOjIyMmQzNDZlLWJmYmMtNDRkMS05NDQ5LWNlNTU2MDdmMTQ4NQ%3D%3D

 Here is the link to a short video about my training orientation    https://share.starchive.io/NzU0ZGI3MTYtZmJlZi00NmYzLWFjZmUtNWU0NzJmMWUzYTIxOmQzZjk5NzEwLWM5YTMtNDM1YS1hODg2LTI1NWNjOTQ4Mjk5Mw%3D%3D

My Listing in EMDRIA Website: https://www.emdria.org/directory/people/chandra-s-nagireddy/

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