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Greetings & Welcome to the Virtual Basic EMDR Training

Starts on January 15th, Continues on January 16 & 22; February 19, 20, 26 & 27, March 26 & 27; Ends on April 2nd, 2022.

This “Virtual Basic EMDR Training” is methodologically rigorous and clinically intensive

  • This Training is TEN Day-Long, stretched over a minimum of 12 weeks on 6-7 weekends -Total of 80 Hours.
  • Participants are required to implement EMDR therapy with their “client” partner in their dyad/triad starting the second weekend (Concurrent Independent Practice) with ongoing support and consultation lasting through the next ten weeks
  • This will require additional 4 hours/week to implement all the protocols and procedures of EMDR Therapy in their dyads/triads- 2 hours as a client and 2 hours as a therapist (40 hours over the course of the training)
  • Participation in all the 10 days of the training along with 40 hours of Concurrent Independent Practice outside the training is mandatory
  • Completion of the training is contingent on passing a multiple-choice test mandated by the EMDR International Association.

Virtual Basic Training through ZOOM

  • All the trainings and consultations are conducted through ZOOM video conference utilizing Break-Out Rooms & Chat features built into it.
  • All the 10-Days of the trainings are conducted LIVE from 9 am-6pm (US Mountain Standard Time)
  • Participants are expected to participate in 90-Minute long sessions with 15-minute breaks in between with a 1-hour lunch break from 1 PM to 2 PM on all days
  • The link to join ZOOM for all the training days is: https://zoom.us/j/6784037525


  • Participants will need Computer/Tablet equipped with high quality webcam, microphone, and speaker
  • Participants will need stable High-Speed Internet Service (Recommend 80-100 Mbps) in order to have high quality audio-visual experience in ZOOM video conference lasting all day. You can check the speed of your internet service from speedtest.net from Ookla.
  • Participants will also need a secure space in their home/office without any distractions to participate in video conference for the entire day. Participating through ZOOM while driving or on the road as a passenger is NOT acceptable
  • Participants need a set-up to conduct virtual EMDR Therapy sessions for the practice sessions during the training and in their concurrent practice between the training sessions. 



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