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     Greetings & Welcome to the EMDR International Association 


Virtual Basic EMDR Training

Starts on January 14th, Continues on January 15, 21; February 25, 26; March 4, 5; April 1, 2, and Ends on April 8th 2023

Thank you for choosing EMDR Training Academy to begin yet another momentous journey in your clinical and professional development. 

I am Dr. Chandra Nagireddy and privileged to be your Instructor for this Course. I am excited to be a part of this learning experience and look forward to meeting with you soon.  This is one of the most rigorous and clinically intensive trainings offered in the Country.  We have 80 hours of scheduled live training through ZOOM video conference over ten days.  In addition, you are required to devote additional 40 hours in your concurrent independent practice in between the training days. 

Please download the below listed documents and review the same: A.  Training Agenda (1 Document) B. Participation Requirements (3 Documents)

If you have any questions related to the training, please text me or call me at 719-761-4444 or email me at chandra@emdrtrainingacademy.com.

In the meantime, I would like to stir up your curiosity with four classic papers before we meet.  They are:

  1. EMDR, Adaptive Information Processing, and Case Conceptualization.  A published paper by Dr. Francine Shapiro (2007)
  1. EMDR and the Adaptive Information Processing Model: Potential Mechanisms of Change.  A published paper by Roger Solomon & Francine Shapiro (2008)
  1. The Role of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy in Medicine: Addressing the Psychological and Physical Symptoms Stemming from Adverse Life Experiences.  A published paper by Francine Shapiro (2014)
  1. Beyond the Brain: How the Vagal System Holds the Secret to Treating Trauma.  An Interview with Stephen Porges

Please find these readings in the “Advanced Readings” below ready for download.

Chandra Nagireddy, Ph.D., LMFT.

EMDRIA Approved Trainer & Consultant

       You can find this Training listed on the EMDR International Association website by clicking this link: 

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