emdr training academy

EMDR Training Academy is dedicated to offering methodologically rigorous and clinically intensive trainings designed to prepare clinicians in competent & safe practice of EMDR Therapy since 2014

EMDR International Association Approved Virtual Basic EMDR Training: An integrative & comprehensive approach

How are we different?

Virtual Basic EMDR Training Schedule

All training days are held on weekends from 9 aM to 6 pM Denver time



VBT 09162023 Virtual Basic EMDR Training starts on Sept. 16th, Continues on Sept 17, 23; October 28, 29; November 4, 5; December 2, 3, and Ends on December 9th 2023


VBT 01132024 Virtual Basic EMDR Training

VBT 01132024 Virtual Basic EMDR Training starts on January 13th, Continues on January 14, 20; February 17, 18, 24, 25; March 23, 24, & Ends on March 30th, 2024


VBT 03022024 Virtual Basic EMDR Training

VBT 03022024 Virtual Basic EMDR Training starts on March 2nd, Continues on March 3, 9; April 6, 7, 13, 14; May 18, 19 & Ends on May 25th 2024


VBT 06222024 Virtual Basic EMDR Training

VBT 06222024 Starts on June 22nd, Continues on June 23, 29; July 27, 28, August 3, 4; September 7, 8, & Ends on September 14th, 2024


VBT 09152024 Virtual Basic EMDR Training

Starts on September 15, Continues on September 21, 22; October 19, 20, October 26, 27; November 23, 24, & Ends on December 7th, 2024

Advanced EMDR Trainings

Advanced EMDR Trainings

To be announced 

International Association Approved Distance Learning

To be announced

EMDR International Association Approved Consultations

EMDR Training Academy’s Basic Approach to Consultations

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What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR is a psychotherapy approach grounded in the Neuro-biology of Information Processing & Memories

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